PLE Conference 2012 – Call for Venues

We know that a number of you are interested in hosting the PLE Conference next year.
If you are interested could you please email pcchair [at] pleconf [dot] com including the following information Before the next 20th of October:

  • Name and address of your organisation
  • Possible venue – opens paces, conference rooms etc – number of people venue can hold
  • Infrastructure available – wireless connectivity, whiteboards, video streaming etc
  • Cost of venue
  • Number of people who would be able to help organise conference
  • Accommodation available and approximate cost and access
  • Overall approximate costs
  • Facilities for catering and social events
  • Possible dates (the conference in usually held in last June / early July)
  • Ideas for innovation in conference
  • Anything else that might be useful to know!

The PLE conference is designed to support the emergence of a research and practice community around PLEs. We rely on the support of the community to organise the conference.
I hope you will consider joining us.

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