Newsletter (July 2011)

1. The PLE Conference Programme is ready. Incredible but true!
2. Keynotes or UnKeynotes? That’s the question!
3. Sessions & Workshops – the Choice is Yours
4. The Sounds of the Bazaar LIVE – Join the Internet Radio!
5. The Conference Venue – all you need to know incl. power sockets
6. PLE_SOU Social Network – how to keep in touch & share
7. Conference Badges? Design-It-Your-Self !


1. The PLE Conference Programme.

The conference programme can be accessed here  

Even if you are not participating in the Monday workshops, come along to the conference venue after the sessions – there will be good wine, which we have tested out for you especially last weekend 🙂

THE PLE CONFERENCE Social evening features the Radioactive DJ Set, with DJ Andrew Ravenscroft. We want to feature your music. Could each participant bring one track (or more) of your favourite music in any digital format and preferably on a memory stick. We are looking forward to a great evening.

2. Keynotes or UnKeynotes? That’s the question!

As you might be aware, we have challenged our keynote speakers  to abandon the traditional keynote format in favour of a more interactive presentation which would both match their personality (and content) and involve the audience actively. They all responded positively and are enthusiastically working on it.

Keep an eye on Twitter and the PLE website during the run up to the event – we will be posting ‘taster’ messages from the keynote speakers about their sessions.


3. Sessions & Workshops – The Choice is Yours!

The session chairs should have already contacted you, if you are a presenter. If they have not, please refer to the programme, you can find out who is chairing your session and how to contact them. 

We will have free WiFi available at all points of the venue during the event, so please bring your laptops, netbooks, smartphones and i-devices. We want it to be interactive, participative and innovative. Some Workshops make it mandatory to bring your own
laptop (BYOL), and who wants to be left ou of the Twitter chat anyway???

Twitter: @PLE_SOU , hashtag #PLE_SOU


4. The Sounds of the Bazaar LIVE – Join the Internet Radio

Sounds of the Bazaar is a LIVE Internet radio programme produced by the Pontydysgu research organisation and friends. Sounds of the Bazaar focuses on research and practice in technology enhanced learning and the use of social software and Web 2.0 for knowledge development and sharing.

Join LIVE Internet radio and to follow Sounds of the Bazaar PLE Conference Events at Facebook:

5. The Venue & Accommodation – all you need to know including power sockets!

We have updated the PLE website with venue information, including a linked open data map which can be downloaded to your phone.


6. PLE_BCN Social Network – How to keep in touch & share?

We have created a crowdvine site where both delegates and people unable to attend the conference can congregate. Do join it, if you haven’t already. It is a nice opportunity to learn what other people are doing and identify researchers and practitioners who you might want to meet personally during the event. 

We encourage everyone to spread the word and write about the PLE Conference on the Web! When writing a blogpost, a Tweet, uploading photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube, saving your bookmarks or publishing any other information about the PLE Conference, please use the tag #PLE_SOU

Share your links on the PLE_SOU Conference in our Diigo Group!

7. Conference Badges? Design-It-Your-Self!

Initially we had thought about creating name badges for everyone, but that would mean to ’squeeze’ some of your personal information in ‘one-size-fits-all’ badge frame! Now… that would not be fair, would it? Especially when we are talking about Personal Learning Environments! So here is what we came up with:
We will not be creating name badges!!! You will get a conference pack all the same, but you will have to bring your Name badge…or whatever you decide to use/create to identify you as a PLE delegate. Yep, you got it. The goal is that you develop your personal, highly customised Conference ID! (We are not even going to call it a badge anymore, simply because we don’t know if that is what you think you will create to represent you!)

It is in your hands to decide what your conference ID will look like, there is a prize for the most creative one. We look forward to seeing all your Conference IDs

8. THE PLE Conference Newsletter

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