Mediacast Contest

PLE 2011 Mediacast Contest

In celebration of User Generated Content we will have a Mediacast Contest during the PLE Conference 2011 with awards for the best three mediacast productions on Personal Learning Environments. The contest is open to all registered conference participants, who can create their own mediacasts, such as vodcasts (video productions) or screencasts (mixed media productions) of three minutes or less sharing their ideas, reflections and applications of Personal Learning Environments and best suggestions for creating such environments for individuals, groups and communities.

Possible topics include:

  • Applications of PLE
  • Benefits of PLE
  • Challenges of PLE
  • Technologies for PLE
  • Visions of PLE

Upload your mediacasts to the PLE 2011 Group at Vimeo by June 30th, 2011.

As soon as mediacasts are linked to Vimeo group, an open voting begins. Is as simple as that – if you like a mediacast click on “Like”. Three mediacasts with most “Likes” win. The voting closes on Wednesday 13th July 2011. The winners will be announced and awarded during the PLE 2011 conference. All winning mediacasts will be viewable at Vimeo:

Our Rating Recommendations
When you rate a mediacast by clicking “Like” it is useful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the mediacast demonstrate creativity in the use of digital media?
  • Do the authors address educational objectives of PLEs?
  • Does the mediacast explain a standpoint or an idea in an understandable way?

Submission Instructions
The submissions of mediacasts is a combination between our general paper submission system and the video cast platform Vimeo.

  • Create an account at Vimeo, it’s free.
  • Upload your video and link it to the group:
  • Go to the general submission page of PLE_SOU, create an account (if not ready) and submit your mediacast contribution:
  • Please enter a headline/title of your contribution and provide the direct link to it.

Note 1: We can only accept contributions which provide the details described above.

Note 2: We strongly encourage submissions in all languages. Should you submit a mediacast in any other language than English, please include a script in English or add an english subtitle.

Before you ask
Somehow, we need to collect all contributions and thus we decided to go for videos. In general, of course, it would be nice to include also other kinds of media. However, we do not know a site which aggregates slideshare, youtube, and others on a same level, allowing to rate and assess. Thus we thought it should be possible to transform almost each contribution into a video. However, if you feel, your thoughts cannot be adequately represented, please contact us, maybe we can try to find a proper solution.