PLE Conference 2015 Call For Venues

After the great PLE Conference 2014, we are back for continuing working.

We still working on PLEs and on 2015 we have tons of challenges to adress. We are already working on the call and organisation of the 2015 event, and we are still looking for the most appropriate venue for the conference, which we want to be more than just a conference. We would like it to be the flagship event of the yearly activity of the PLEConf community.

SO, if you are interested in hosting the next Main PLE Conference, please send to us an email providing us with the following information (plus anything else you think relevant).

  • Name and address of your organisation
  • Motivation
  • Possible venue – open spaces, conference rooms etc – number of people venue can hold
  • Infrastructure available – wireless connectivity, whiteboards, video streaming etc
  • Cost of venue
  • Number of people who would be able to help organise conference
  • Accommodation available and approximate cost and access
  • Overall approximate costs
  • Facilities for catering and social events
  • Possible dates (the conference in usually held in late June / early July)
  • Ideas for innovation in conference
  • Anything else that might be useful to know!

Please send it to us to pleconf [at] googlegroups [dot] com before the 10th of October, and if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.


3 thoughts on “PLE Conference 2015 Call For Venues

  1. Hi. I’ve tried emailing the address shown from two accounts, making the needed changes to the format, and the messages bounce.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to know where the PLE Conference will be held in 2015 because I would like to attend.

    Thanks for informing

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