Invited (un)keynote: Being worked into your PLE

I am happy to announce that Prof. Heidrun Allert has kindly agreed to deliver an invited (un)keynote titled “Being worked into your PLE”. Here is what she has in mind…

Heidrun Allert

“The un-keynote states that PLEs up to now are primarily focused on the transfer, dissemination, and/or organisation of information rather than on the collaborative advancement of ideas. In the current version artefacts are basically treated as self-contained carriers of information rather than as objects of ongoing concern and emergent meaning making. Further developments hence should move from a document towards an idea-centered paradigm, supporting the transcending use of artifacts. The un-keynote will provide a respective experience we then will discuss about.”

Heidrun Allert holds the chair of Media Education & Educational Computer Sciences at the University of Kiel, Germany.