The papers included in the PLE13 Proceedings provide rich and valuable theoretical and empirical insights into Personal Learning Environments. The PLE Conference 2013 received 75 submissions and welcomed almost 100 delegates from Europe, Asia, Australasia, North and South America and Africa.

In 2013 we did not only engage the participants in dialogue but also within the conference proposal process. To enhance the participatory character of the PLE Conference the review process was based on the shepherding idea. This means that the authors were offered support by experienced shepherds (mentors), who helped those submitting proposals by making
suggestions for improvements in the process of writing the final versions of submissions. In this way we enhanced the quality of submissions and helped authors qualify for publication in one of the two Special Issues with selected best papers.

Two special edition of journals have already been published based on contributions to the PLE Conference 2013 conference. The first was a Special Issue of the EU eLearningPapers, Issue No. 35, entitled “Personal Learning Environments”. The second is the Special Issue of the Journal of Literacy and Technology, JLT, Volume 15, No. 2, titled “Personal Learning Environments: Current Research and Emerging Practice”.

We hope that papers in these proceedings inspire your research and practice, taking forward the field of Personal Leaning Environments to address the challenges of learning and diversity in smart cities.

The Editors: Ilona Buchem, Graham Attwell and Gemma Tur


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