About the call for keynote speakers (Aveiro venue)

We are not sure if you noticed one of the major changes of this year’s PLE Conference. Well, it is pretty easy to explain. After reviewing all the events of the conference and how we could make them more open and participative we came to the conclusion that the only event in which participants don’t have a major role is in choosing keynote speakers.

And that’s the main reason we decided to go a step further and let the participants themselves propose the keynote speakers for day 2 of the conference in the Aveiro venue. It is an easy process: when you submit an abstract to the conference you’ll just have to add two names that, as a team, you believe could have an awesome performance as keynote speakers. Ideally all proposals should be gender balanced (i.e. a team composed by a man and a woman) and preferably from different countries.

Now for the q&a: can you propose yourself as a keynote speaker? Of course you can! Can you propose other person and not include yourself? Sure you can. Do you have to propose names that are coming to the conference? Not necessarily although that could help with the logistics.

And that’s it. Please begin the thinking process and help us choose the best keynoters for day 2!

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