Terje Väljataga

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Web presence
Website: http://terjevaljataga.eu/

Institution: Tallinn University
Unit: Centre for Educational Technology
Country: Estonia

PLE related research interests:
PLE in informal and formal educational settings; competence advancement for self-directing intentional learning projects and PLE; learner control and PLE
if wanted one can even come up with some more general research questions here

PLE related publications:
Fiedler, S.H.D. & Väljataga, T. (2013). Personal Learning Environments: A conceptual landscape revisited. eLearning Papers, 35, 1-16

Fiedler, S. & Väljataga, T. (2011). Personal learning environments: concept or technology? International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, 2(4), 1-11.

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