Kairit Tammets

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Institution: Tallinn University
Unit: Centre for Educational Technology
Country: Estonia

PLE related research interests:
Kairit is interested in implementing personal learning environments and spaces in informal learning context, but also in teachers’ professional development. Personal learning paths and competence-based digital portfolios are also research objects of Kairit.

PLE related publications:
Tammets, K., Pata. K., & Laanpere, M. (2013). Promoting teachers’ learning and knowledge building in the socio-technical system. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 14(3), 251-272.

Tammets, K.; Pata, K.; Laanpere, M. (2012). Implementing A Technology-Supported Model for Cross-Organisational Learning and Knowledge Building for Teachers. European Journal of Teacher Education, 35, 57 – 75.

Tammets, K., Pata, K., Laanpere, M., Tomberg V., Gaševic, D., Siadaty, M. (2011). Designing the Competence-driven Teacher Accreditation. Rynson Lau & Wolfgang Nejdl (Toim.). Advances in Web-based Learning (132 – 141).Springer Verlag